Friday, July 1, 2011

Eliminating Misunderstanding

I thought my husband was crazy. We were in a meeting and he wanted to record it with PerfectNotes. "I have perfect recall," I thought. "I don't need it!"

About a month later though, the company we were working with delivered the product they were helping us create--and got it completely wrong! Right then and there, I went to my husband hoping he had a recording of that meeting so we could clear up the misunderstandings.

As it turns out, I had perfect recall, but the company's representatives didn't!

I wish there was a happy ending to the story, but there wasn't. He didn't have it turned on at the time, and it ended up costing us thousands of dollars, plus what could have been a good business relationship.

Now I insist PerfectNotes goes with us to all of our important meetings!

Learn more or try it now.

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